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BOOKING PERIOD: 9/3/2021 - 12/31/2021| TRAVEL PERIOD: October 1, 2021 - Dec 31, 2022| VACATION CODE: 6712


A new wave of sailing is here, one that takes cues from the best international cities to create a getaway at sea with the perfect balance of uptown meets downtown. Finally setting sail, Virgin Voyages combines the warmth and luxury of a yacht with the endless options of a much larger ship, creating an elevated and intimate environment that inspires personal and experiential connection.

Get out to sea now...or later with two new promotions

Sail in 2021 and become a Sea-Blazer, with exclusive perks on your first and future voyages, including: An extra $125 when you purchase a $300 pre-paid bar tab a promotion that will never go away for Sea-Blazers $300 off your next sailing in 2022 and an exclusive, limited-run welcome gift.

Or plan ahead and save up to 10% off voyage fare. With Virgin Voyage’s yacht-inspired, adult-by-design experience and over 20 incredible eateries, you may just want to sail now and later.



No kids, no kidding. But your inner-child is highly encouraged to come along.

Food, Glorious Food

In partnering with famed restaurateurs and Michelin-Starred chefs from NYC, Virgin Voyages has ditched buffets and pre-set dining times to bring you made-to-order food and leisurely brunches from 20+ unique eateries — with a bar in every specialty one. All the food is ‘On Us’ - meaning no exclusive spots you have to pay to get into.

Pairing fresh ingredients and vibrant flavors with ever-evolving menus while minimizing waste by only cooking what’s been ordered — it’s a win for your stomach and a win for the planet.

A Dose of Vitamin Sea

For the ‘do nothings,’ the ‘do somethings’ and the ‘do everythings,’ their approach to well-being is to do whatever works best for you. With free group workouts and outdoor fitness spaces (the first of its kind on the open ocean), Virgin Voyages is redefining how to take care of yourself at sea.

At Redemption Spa, a haven of tranquility and self-preservation, you can melt away in the mudroom, detox in the salt room or float in the wellness pools until you’ve stopped aging entirely*. (Okay, they haven’t figured out how to stop the aging process. But they’re working on it and are confident they’re close. They have gone to space, after all.)


Featured Sailings:


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Scarlet Lady
November 12, 2021
Miami • Costa Maya • Beach Club at Bimini
5 nights

The Sea Terrace (Balcony) from $1,225 per Sailor

Taxes, fees and port expenses of $154 per sailor are additional.

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Valiant Lady
May 15, 2022
Barcelona • Toulon • Marina di Carrara • Ajaccio • Cagliari • Ibiza • Barcelona
7 nights

The Sea Terrace (Balcony) from $1,755 per Sailor

Taxes, fees and port expenses of $105 per sailor are additional.


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Scarlet Lady
April 24, 2022
Miami • Cozumel - Playa del Carmen • Beach Club at Bimini • Miami
5 nights

The Sea Terrace (Balcony) from $1,147.50 per Sailor

Taxes, fees and port expenses of $84 per sailor are additional.

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Resilient Lady
November 26, 2022
San Juan • Tortola • Pointe-à-Pitre • Bridgetown • Castries • St. John's • San Juan
7 nights

The Sea Terrace (Balcony) from $2,790 per Sailor

Taxes, fees and port expenses of $161 per sailor are additional.


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Terms and Conditions
  1. DESCRIPTION: The Sea-Blazers Program provides benefits to Sailors who purchase a voyage and embark on ships in 2021 as a way to say “thank you” for being among the first to sail with Virgin Voyages. Exclusions apply.
  2. ELIGIBILITY: Any person sailing with Virgin Voyages as a paying passenger (or “Sailor” in Virgin Voyages branding voice) in calendar year 2021 will become a Sea-Blazer and qualify for Sea-Blazer benefits, subject to exclusions laid out in paragraph 3.

Categories/First Mates/Sailors Eligibility:

  • All categories of paying Sailor, to include those in Circles
  • All First Mate agencies, including Tour Operators
  • All Casino Sailors
  1. EXCLUSIONS: Sailors traveling on Friends and Family, gifted, or charter voyages, or who travel on a deeply discounted voyage fare (i.e., voyage fares under $100/day) are excluded from the Sea-Blazer program. Shipload of Love offer, and First Mates’, no-charge access keys, as well as paid upgrades of those access keys, are excluded. Persons boarding for solely pier-side events do not qualify.



Bar Tab: $125 when you purchase $300, this is an “always-on” offer for Sea-Blazers.  “Always on” means this is permanent (as long as you maintain an account with Virgin Voyages). $300 OFF A 2022 SAILING: A Sea-Blazer who books and sails on a voyage with Virgin Voyages in 2021 will get $300 off their 2022 voyage fare, before any promotional discounts or future voyage credits (FVCs). Virgin Merchandise: Something special in each Sea-Blazer’s cabin when they sail in 2021.   



5.1  Offer: These terms detail the Sea-Blazer program’s “Bar Tab” Offer.  Virgin Voyages is offering their Sea-Blazer-Sailors the opportunity to buy $300 Bar Tab increments, to which Virgin Voyages will then add a bonus $125 U.S. dollar credit to that Sailor’s folio.  This applies for every $300 Bar Tab increment purchased. Bar Tabs may be purchased up to midnight EST following the day before the voyage sets sail. $125 in Bar Tab Bonus (Sailor Loot) Sea-Blazer Bar Tab Bonus applies when the Sailor sails with Virgin Voyages for the first time -- and it lasts as long as you keep an account with Virgin Voyages - see section 5.5.4. below. 

5.2  Voyage Eligibility:  any paying Sailor embarking SCARLET LADY in a 2021 voyage (Sailors on charter voyages, “Friends & Family” voyages, and who travel on deeply discounted fares are not eligible).

5.3  Combinability:  The Sea-Blazer Bar Tab is combinable with everything except other Bar Tab Bonuses--you get $125 Bar Tab Bonus no matter what, even if Virgin Voyages are publicly running $50 or $100 Bar Tab Bonus.  The $125 bonus does not stack with other Bar Tab Bonuses.

5.4  Caveats/Exclusions to the Bar Tab offer.

5.4.1.  The Bar Tab can only be used on drink purchases (a) onboard Virgin Voyages  ships or (b) at The Beach Club at Bimini. It may not be transferred to pay for other experiences e.g. Spa or shore excursions (“Shore Things'' in branding voice).  Any unused Bar Tab credit (both purchased and bonus) will not be refunded to the Sailor at the end of the voyage.  It may not be transferred to another user (though one may purchase bar drinks for another Sailor).  Bar Tab may be cancelled, with a refund, until 24 hours from the voyage sail date.  Should the voyage sail date change, the Bar Tab may be transferred to the new voyage. Bar Tab is likely not insurable.

5.4.3.  Sailor loses the Promotional Bonus portion if their 2021 reservation is cancelled, even if later reinstated.

5.4.4.  Prepay Bar Tabs may be purchased by calling Virgin Voyages prior to sailing, or through your First Mate.

5.4.5   Virgin Voyages tracks the permanence of this offer through your account with Virgin Voyages.  If you exercise your right under a privacy law applicable to you to delete all personal information they hold on you, Virgin Voyages ability to track the affiliation of this offer with you will go away as well.  It would only be reinstated upon satisfactory review of subsequently submitted proof this offer applied to you, that is, reinstatement is not automatic.


  1. $300 OFF A 2022 SAILING DETAILS

6.1  Offer: Paying Sailors booked and traveling with Virgin Voyages in 2021 will receive a $300 discount (UK Sailors will get a £200 discount) off their (base) voyage fare before any promotions, discount FVCs, etc., for a 2022 voyage. This is per Sailor.  Those paying in currencies other than USD or GBP will have their local currency converted to $300 USD. 

6.2  Qualifying Voyages: (that is, voyages that will EARN this as part of The Sea-Blazers Program):

Scarlet Lady: voyages departing August 5, 2021 through December 29, 2021. 

Sailors on 2021 charter voyages, 2021 “Friends & Family” voyages, and who travel on deeply discounted fares in 2021 are not eligible.

6.3  Beneficiary Voyages: (that is, voyages the discount FVC may be used on)

Scarlet Lady: voyages departing January 2, 2022 through December 27, 2022

Valiant Lady: voyages departing March 18, 2022 through December 30, 2022

Resilient Lady: voyages departing July 24, 2022 through December 30, 2022

Charters are excluded.

6.4  Combinability:  Combinable with all other discount FVCs, promotions, etc.  However, only one Sea-Blazer $300 discount (UK Sailors will get a £200 discount) may be used per future reservation in 2022.



7.1  Offer:  Sea-Blazer Sailors will receive a gift for being a Sea-Blazer when they embark on a 2021 voyage. 

7.2  Voyage Eligibility:

Scarlet Lady: August 6, 2021 through December 29, 2021
Sailors on Friends & Family and Charter voyages are excluded.
7.3  ARV. The gift will be of nominal value and may not be exchanged

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